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About Earl

Earl Solidum is a Master Fitness Trainer. With over 15 years in personal training experience, he has a proven track record of success. Earl takes a holistic approach: your fitness program is designed for you, ensuring that you can achieve your goals, in a safe and effective manner, and live life pain free. Serving an elite group of clients, he caters to their needs by providing a fitness program tailored to their goals, whether they seek a work out in a controlled gym environment, outdoors, or in their homes. Recognizing his clients time constraints and fitness needs, Earl creates efficient programs to get his clients the results they want.

Earl has dedicated his life to fitness. Having been involved in sports in his younger years, his competitive spirit led him to pursue powerlifting, where he consistently finishing in the top three. He once held Hawaii power lifting records for a 427lb bench press and an over 600 lb deadlift. From there, he began his pursuits in running, starting with shorter runs and now having completed several marathons. The creation of 808 Fitness is a culmination of his life’s dedication to fitness, and desire to teach others. His approach is to incorporate fitness into daily life, from healthy food choices, to daily activity, dynamic training and mobility work to keep the body in motion.

Earl was born & raised on Guam and has been based in Honolulu since graduating from the University of Hawaii at Manoa with a degree in Kinesiology. In his spare time, he volunteers at a physical therapy clinic and feeds the homeless at the Institute of Human Services. He has been a personal trainer since 2002, working with people from ages 13 to 94 with various levels of fitness. He also has experience with people who are recovering from injury to athletes at UH athletic training complex. Earl is a Certified Golf Fitness Instructor through Titleist Performance Institute. His golf fitness program is based on “the world’s leading educational organization dedicated to the study of how the human body functions in relation to the golf swing.” His program can show how physical limitations on a player’s body can affect the swing and potentially lead to injuries. Through a combination of golf specific training and Active Isolated Stretching, he believes golfers will benefit most from having a healthy and efficient body.

Titleist Performance Institute Certified Golf Fitness Instructor

NFPT-Certified Personal Trainer

NFPT-Resistance Training Specialist

YMCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist

BS Kinesiology Health Exercise Science (UH Manoa 2003)

NFPT-Master Fitness Trainer

NFPT-Sports Nutrition Specialist

NFPT-Endurance Training Specialist

Active Isolated Stretching-The Mattes Method (R)

CPR, First Aid,AED For the Professional Rescuer